When I was a teenager I wanted more than anything to somehow get to the United States of America.
There they successfully wore their flag on their tee shirts.
I mean, please, what the fuck could we wear on our tee shirts?
Rolf Harris in a khaki safari suit?
Skippy the bushkangafuckingroo?
I wanted Starsky and Hutch.
The Fonz.
The Brady Bunch.
A mother like the one from Eight is Enough.
A caring mum that I’d call MOM!
That’s why I was going to America.
To get me some of that!

Now, of course, I…uhm…know better.


  1. Richard Rodgers

    Hi Toni. I’m keeping up with your travels via your blog. Either your visit with us here in Natchitoches was so normal that it didn’t make the cut or it was so mind-blowing that you have not yet found the words to adequately describe it. My guess it is the former rather that the latter. Either way, it was an absolute pleasure having gotten e’s and into our heartsto meet you and Andre’. I have thought about one of our conversations over and over. You reminded me that the whole world knows everything about the U.S. Of course,me both know that’s not exactly true or you wouldn’t be here searching us out. What the world knows about us is what CNN International tells it. The real U.S., the one inhabited by the incredibly interesting people you are meeting in your travels, will never be known to CNN International because they’re not movers and shakers. They’re just normal folks doing normal stuff, trying to live their normal dreams amid their normal fears, normal uncertainties and normal crises. You have a keen eye and an even keener wit. As you continue to meet us, look deeply into our eyes and into our hearts and you will see yourself looking back. Safe travels, friend. Stay in touch. Richard


    • Toni Le Busque

      Hey there Richard, I’ve tried several times to write about our visit to you.
      I still haven’t found the right way yet. Visiting you and Scottie, and our discussion, shifted the way I look at life, particularly our discussion about the path to take and being 50. And the labyrinth walk was more than a highlight. So it was the former, rather than the latter. Andre and I talked about you and Scottie often. I hope I one day get to visit you again. You and Scottie are the Americans that the rest of the world need more exposure to. And encounters with you are why I like so much to write. Much love to you and Scottie and the place that you keep up there where people like me, who don’t feel so great, can go and feel a bit better. You three make something unique together.


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